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Research update #3: RESULTS!!!!!11!…?

I scienced all last weekend. Except for a few hours when my fiancée and I watched The Hobbit on DVD, I scienced almost nonstop, and I actually have something to show for it.

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An infidel watches the History Channel’s “The Bible”

Count me among the nonbelievers. Now an atheist, I was raised a kind of vaguely-observant Hindu in a place where Christianity was shoved down your throat nearly 24/7. Needless to say, my sympathy for Christian thought these days is anemic … Continue reading

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Like God, the “God Particle” could destroy the universe

Unlike God, the Higgs Boson is probably real.

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Rand Paul snaps, gets snapped

Rand Paul. The very name reeks of evil and/or right wing nuttery. Rand Paul strikes me as the slower-witted, less-principled son of Ron Paul, and I’m going to go ahead and say that’s because he is. But this happened. The … Continue reading

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